So there’s a strong leak that I’m sure you’ve all already seen claiming that the NX will be a fully portable console. I still have questions about battery life, but this is a direction I’ve wanted it to go for a while. So I thought I’d make a short list of places I want to play the NX (assuming it’s a success). The idea is less to discuss where I might play traditional handhelds, and moreso where I might want to take advantage of a sort of laptop console.

-Coffee shops. This ones obvious, but think about getting coffee and kicking off a day with friends. Don’t you want to be playing Nintendo games with them?

-Magic tournaments. Every week I play a modern tournament at the local nerd outpost, and I’m running a fairly fast combo deck (I regularly win turn 3), leaving me with time between rounds. This would be a prime moment to break out the NX. Maybe have a little smash tournament during an mtg tournament.

-After discussion sections. I’m a TA and one of my responsibilities is to run discussion sections with my students. Some rounds of Mario kart after an hour of discussing philosophy could help my student evaluations is all I’m sayin. (Side notes: no one comes to office hours and I need something to do. Also, if Pokemon go has been any indication, im gonna be telling a lot of students to put their poorly concealed consoles away during lectures).

-Dive Bars. I sort of hate crowded or expensive bars, and also hate bars where there is nothing to do besides drink and socialize. I end up gravitating towards seedy bars, where there are janky pool tables, torn seats, strong drinks and a feigned ignorance of smoking laws. But if the tables are full or there are no other ball smackers to play with (playing pool with people who consistently clear gords isn’t fun to me), I wanna be able to boot up the NX and play with someone I’m mildly scared of.

-Forests. Hear me out on this one. I used to live near a small forest, with a perfect climbing tree. I used to strap my backpack to a certain branch, hanging it like a little tabletop, crack a red stripe and watch the sunset. Meanwhile through a lifetime of Zelda games, there’s always been something a little jarring about playing a very nature oriented game while trapped inside on a beautiful day. Imagine looking up from Kokiri forest and looking out on an actual forest.


-Friends houses. Remember GameCube? Some people think the handle was pointless, but those people didn’t have friends without a GameCube, or the official GameCube backpack for that matter. I used to bring my GameCube with me on most sleepovers as a child, and it was always satisfying to show how great it’s library was to someone else. The NX will up the convenience of bringing a console over, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo is planning on portability facilitating word of mouth spread of the console.

-Airplanes. Airplanes are obviously a great place to play handhelds, but have you ever noticed how the conversations you end up having with whoever is cramped next to you are often incredibly inane? Instead of hearing what somebody’s job is, we can pass the time with some Mario co op.

-Youth hostels. Though my traveling habit has slowed down immensely in the last year or two, I’d like there to be more ice breakers at the youth hostel than, “wanna get fucked up?” and “do we speak any languages in common?”


-The bathroom. Oh stop acting grossed out, you and I both know that two years from now you’ll be grabbing an NX for every trip.

Where are you folks gonna play the NX? I largely focused on local multiplayer, are there thoughts on good places you want to play single player games that I’ve missed?